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Best Drill Bit for Wood Reviews

Last Updated: 12.07.20


What are the best drill bits for wood in 2020?


If you need to find the best drill bit for wood in the least time possible, this short paragraph should guide you to the right one for your needs. We have accumulated ample product information by evaluating the value and quality of different brands and models. This led us to what is clearly a favorite among consumers, the IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 341008. Delivering clean holes fast, this drill bit set is an 8-piece unit so you enjoy genuine value for the money. Each bit is designed with an exclusive Blue Groove point and cutting edge that remove chips speedily, lessening the time you spend on the task. Breakouts are reduced because of the double-cutting spurs on the spade bits that scribe the outside of the hole to ensure clean results. The supplied carry case provides a convenient means of storage. In the likely event that stocks of the IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 341008 run out, you can purchase the Speedbor 1877239 Irwin Tools with confidence.



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The last thing you need when woodworking with your handheld drill is a lousy drill bit for wood. Wood is a finicky material; once you damage it, there’s not going to be an easy way to clean up the mistake unless you have an endless supply of the material. To find the best drill bit for wood, these are the aspects to look at closely.



A single cutting edge might be simple in design but once it gets chipped or broken, you are going to need a replacement. The best products in this category feature cutting spurs along with a triple-edge cutting component to ensure extra durability. This also delivers a good bite into the material, with all the edges slicing as they rotate so no single one gets all the friction and pressure.

The points at the edges also help create a neater exit point and a cleaner hole in general. The sharp point on the flattened blade helps you keep the bit steady while helping in its proper positioning.



Cutting speed

Check out the products featured in the best wood drill bit reviews that cut fast and cut clean. With reduced surface area between the bit and the wood, there is less friction so burnouts of the pilot hole are prevented effectively.

A tri-flute design also ejects chips faster. Some woodworking bits feature a full screw tip that allows them to self-feed so you can cut faster. The faster the drill bit cuts, the cleaner the holes produced.



Performance and ease of use

The best drill bit for hardwood and softwood is also suitable for carpentry, electrical, and plumbing work. You want to be able to change bits fast and easy so look for bits with a quick-change shank.

Some products ship as an entire set of woodworking drill bits so you have a variety of units to use depending on the needs of the task. To eliminate the guesswork, the size of the drill bit should be visible on the face of the paddle.

A good drill bit for wood should be able to bore large, wide holes. You will be able to drill in tight spots if the bit has a short overall length. That said, the unit has to be able to cut a deep enough hole for the application.

Quality drill bits are suitable for standard drills and impact drills. A carrying case provides a good means for storing your collection of drill bits and transporting them when needed.



3 Best Drill Bits for Wood (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Some of the popular products for sale are featured below. Based on consumer reports, they offer good value and quality that customers truly appreciate.



1. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 341008


Suitable for electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry, the IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 341008 is a full set of various sizes of woodworking drill bits so you have exactly what you need for hole drilling. Every piece is equipped with a Blue-Groove point and cutting edge to facilitate speedy chip ejection, helping you see the hole easily.

Each spade bit uses double-cutting spurs that scribe the exterior of the hole, helping reduce breakouts. The large shank coupled with the flat drill bit design provides the necessary build to ensure lasting use. The bits do not slip into the drill chuck or bit extension easily thanks to the grooved hex shank on every paddle bit.

Get smooth holes for countersinking and through-hole drilling. The supplied IRWIN Pro Set Case provides storage and transport for the drill bits and can withstand the elements on the job site thanks to the ABS resin material. It features a full-length metal hinge pin for durability. The easy-to-read size markings enable easy bit identification and organization of the contents.

Buy from for ($31.99)




2. Speedbor 1877239 Irwin Tools


The Speedbor 1877239 Irwin Tools is a convenient package of six bits designed to meet the specifications of all standard ¼-inch quick-change chucks including those in impact drills. Comprising the set are tri-flute bits of varying sizes to meet the demands of the task. Each bit features three cutting spurs to ensure cleaner holes created quickly and with accurate dimensions.

Experience less breakout while drilling. The bits cut clean and dig fast so the surface of the workpiece stays smooth and free from ugly splinters and burn marks. Get extended drilling life from every piece of durable bit in the set.

Thanks to the ¼-inch quick-change shank, each drill bit does not slip in easily into standard chucks. The full screw-point tip on every drill bit enables an effortless self-feed so you won’t have to apply too much pressure on the drill itself just to get a deep hole fast.

If you have to drill in tight spaces, you will surely appreciate the shorter overall length of each bit in the package. Every piece in the pack is suitable for drilling holes easily up to 2 inches deep.

Buy from for ($29.98)




3. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 3041003


The IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR 3041003 boasts cutting-edge technology from the brand to ensure the drilling of clean holes fast using your high-quality drill machine. This is a full set of 3 woodworking drill bits that can be used with all standard ¼-inch quick-change chucks. Each bit in the set is equipped with a cool tri-flute design to provide faster chip ejection, keeping your workspace clean.

The cutting spurs on the bits feature three cutting edges that ensure durability. The full screw tip on each one allows the unit to self-feed so you wouldn’t have to put too much pressure on the drill just to bore holes more quickly.

Thanks to the grooved hex shank, the bits are prevented from slipping into the bit extension or drill chuck. The cutting edge is also made thicker and with a larger shank for toughness against the pressure and friction of hole drilling.

Get faster chip removal along with maximum drilling speed to leverage a high-quality handheld drill and produce real expert woodwork.

Buy from for ($14.98)