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Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Last Updated: 09.12.21


What are the best cross slide drill press vises n 2021?


If you are to optimize your drill press, you ought to invest in the best cross slide drill press vise, but finding it is easier said than done. To help consumers find the best product, we did the hard part of checking actual owner feedback and expert reviews for a variety of workshop equipment, and this led us to what has been a top-rated model by consumers, the Capri Tools 10520. Equipped with four-inch wide jaws, this drill press vise holds the stock securely to prevent it from flying off the table and causing immeasurable injury in the workshop. Made of strong cast iron, this tool ensures long-term durability for years of use. The vise adjusts forward and sideways via the swivel crank handles to ensure versatility. Because of the strong tendency of the Capri Tools 10520 to run out of stock quickly, we confidently recommend getting the second best option, the Wilton 11694.



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While a drill press provides greater versatility and functionality than a handheld drill, it will still need to be fitted with a drill press vise. This type of gear is an effective means of securing the stock firmly in place using rigid jaws that don’t allow the material to move when drilling. Although finding a good-quality vise is difficult, you might want to check out these aspects when purchasing this kind of gear.


The best cross slide drill press vise provides dependable functionality

A good-quality drill press vise is able to deliver a fantastic degree of pressure coupled with stability to suit the drilling task. The clamping pressure should be more than enough to prevent the workpiece from flying toward you or a glass window, but not too tight to prevent the drill press from working properly.

A premium-quality vise is great for a number of applications such as reaming, drilling, and tapping. It should ideally have a low-profile clearance that contributes to a less cluttered workspace. The vise should be able to keep variously-shaped stock in place, both vertically and horizontally. The tool should be relatively smooth and tight.

It should be accurate enough to move in both directions for the precise positioning of the workpiece.


The products that get the top ratings in the best drill press vise reviews are geared to be durable

Check out drill press vises that have strong, cast-iron construction. The side knobs should also be made of cast iron as you will be handling them regularly. Some high-quality vises have hardened V-grooved jaws that hold objects vertically and horizontally.

If you are into consistent mobility, choose a drill press vise that is not heavy. Some models are just not built for handling fine work. The vise should be of the right size, not too big or too small to make it suitable for a variety of applications. Experts recommend getting at least two differently-sized vises to optimize the functionality of the drill press.

Some models are built small but are constructed solidly enough to fulfill drilling, filling, and sanding tasks. Steel jaws are a winner, and there should be minimal noise during operations. If you feed the stock slowly and only take small cuts, the vise should offer decent-level results.

Some models are handy but tend to have tighter tolerances that can prevent object maneuvering. These tools should not be pushed too hard. Some vises have a cradle design and a tommy bar for the secure locking at manageable increments.



The best vise for drill press is fairly easy to use

Some drill press vises ship with the needed hardware to attach them to the base of the drill press. The vise should open quickly, with adjustments easily made in small increments for easy control and management of the task.

The vise should also close quickly to save time. You want a versatile and flexible vise that shows at just a glance that it deliver years of service.



3 Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vises (Updated Reviews) in 2021



There are plenty of drill press vises on the market. We designed the above buying guide to help make you a more informed buyer. The featured products below are some of the best in this specific category.



1. Capri Tools 10520


Geared with 4-inch wide jaws, the Capri Tools 10520 is a durable and tough piece of gear that enhances the functionality of a high-quality drill press. The 3.7-inch jaw opening makes it easy to hold the stock in place for effortless drilling tasks.

The tool is made of durable cast iron, which ensures a dependable functionality, strength, and durability through the years. The cast iron construction provides a solid and stable structure that holds the workpiece in place for safe drilling every time.

The swivel crank handles enable effortless forward and sideways adjustment as needed to suit the stock. This vise is suitable for use as a metal milling machine and also for the precise drilling of the stock.

This cross slide vise is ideal for all types of drilling, sawing, metalwork, woodwork, and gluing of objects together. It is a great fit for medium-duty tasks. This tool ensures that the stock doesn’t get propelled through the air to strike you, a coworker, another piece of equipment, or the window.

The smooth, black finish provides a neat and clean look as well as easy visibility of the workpiece.

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2. Wilton 11694


With a jaw width of 4 inches, which is also the maximum jaw opening capacity, the Wilton 11694 delivers a superb object holding capability to ensure safety and security in the modern workshop. This drill press accessory is designed to move the stock accurately for precise positioning on the longitudinal as well as the horizontal axis.

This tool is built with cast side knobs that enable the accurate dialing in of the holding dimensions in small 0.1mm increments to support the need to drill with dependable precision. This model also features hardened V-grooved jaws that can secure round-shaped objects in vertical and horizontal positions to prevent drilling mistakes that can be quite expensive.

This model boasts a rugged construction with its fine-grain cast-iron castings to ensures years of use. The black oxide-coated screw delivers a uniform and secure clamping pressure every time. The five bolt lugs on the durable base support easy mounting on the worktable of a quality drill press.

This model enables repeatable tapping and drilling into a workpiece by sliding the two axes to eliminate the guesswork and costly wastage of materials in the workshop.

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3. Wilton 11693


If you need to do repeated drilling or tapping into a stock, the Wilton 11693 vise provides the clamping down functionality for the workpiece. This amazing product moves the stock accurately in the longitudinal and horizontal axes to ensure precise positioning for fail-safe drilling. This also eliminates the guesswork that could lead to the wastage of workpieces.

The cast side knobs allow the accurate dialing in of hole placement measurements in convenient 0.1 mm increments. This model also features hardened V-grooved jaws that hold circular objects in place both vertically and horizontally. It comes with fine grain cast iron castings that guarantee a durable construction for many years of service.

To ensure a uniform clamping pressure, this vise is equipped with a black oxide-coated screw that holds the stock firmly in place without damaging it. To enable easy mounting on the table of the drill press, this model has five bolt lugs on its durable base.

This cross slide drill press slides the workpiece accurately in two axes for effortless positioning and accurate drilling.

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