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10 Best Axe Sharpeners – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 12.04.21


Top Sharpeners for Axe – Guide & Comparison


Even the sturdiest blade will dull with time, and the best axe sharpener can extend your tool’s life expectancy and help it perform optimally. If you are short on time, and you can’t take a look at our comprehensive list of axe sharpener reviews, this short paragraph can be of assistance. After a thorough analysis of the critically acclaimed models in this line, we’ve concluded that the one that offers exceptional value and quality is the Lansky Puck Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener. It is compact in shape, and you can store it in any pocket so that it can be used both in the shop and in the field. It is very easy to use, and it works with all types of axes and blades. The dual-grit design provides a coarse grit that’s ideal for quick cutting and shaping and a medium grit for finishing the sharpening and edge. Should our first option be available, we recommend you take a look at the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener.



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10 Best Axe Sharpeners (Updated Reviews) in 2021



With such a wide variety of axe sharpeners to choose from, finding the right model can turn out to be quite difficult and time-consuming. To help keep you focused on the best axe sharpeners, we have selected some of the top-rated models in this line and showcased them below for you.



1. Lansky Puck Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener 


This compact and multi-purpose sharpener can be a great addition to the toolkit of the everyday handyman since it can be easily stored in a pocket to use at home or in the field. It works with most types of blades, including axe blades, lawnmower blades, shovels, spades, and a variety of other cutting and chopping tools.

Another advantage of this stone is that it comes with a two-sided grit. On one side, there’s the coarse grit, which can be used for quick shaping and cutting. The other side features a medium grit, which is finer and can be used for final sharpening and for refining the edge of the blade.

If the smaller size of the stone has you concerned about safety, the good news is that this unit boasts a contoured shape that is easy-to-grip so that you can have complete control of the sharpener. This way, it becomes easier to avoid accidentally touching the sharp blade with your hand.



The sharpener is designed to work with all types of blades and axes, which means that it can be used with all your cutting and chopping tools.

It is very easy to use since the contoured shape of the stone gives the user a good grip for simple and safe tool sharpening.

The dual-grit design comes with a coarse grit that’s ideal for badly worn, very dull, or nicked edges and a medium grit for blades that just need the edge to be dressed or touched-up.

It is an affordable option that is well-reviewed by customers, and that offers excellent value for the money.



Its small size is an advantage when it comes to portability, but it also makes sharpening larger axes more difficult.

It works well with most cutting and chopping tools, but you shouldn’t use it on expensive knives since the coarse grit is very harsh, and it can scratch up the blade.

Buy from for ($7.49)




2. Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 


This premium option is designed for shop, home, or field use, and it is a great pick for anyone who’s looking for a complete and compact sharpening solution. It comes with four different sharpening surfaces to give your knives, axes, and camp tools the ultimate finish.

The product is equipped with two diamond plates, one is fine, and the other is coarse. There is also a leather strop on one side and two ceramic rods on the other. The main ceramic rod can be used to expose coarse and fine honing surfaces, while the secondary smaller ceramic rod is ideal for sharpening serrations.

That’s not all, since this nifty tool also packs a grooved surface that anglers can use for fine sharpening of fish hooks. The sharpener is shaped like a penknife, which makes it comfortable and safe to use. Moreover, the unit is built from robust materials that will allow it to handle the rigors of outdoor use.



There are two sharpening plates, one with a 220-grit that can be used to reprofile a blade, and the other plate has a 600-grit that’s great for refining the edge after a weekend of heavy use.

The diamond sharpening plates are held firmly in place by a powerful magnet, and if you remove them, you’ll find that there are two broadhead wrenches built into the unit.

Despite the small size of the leather strop, the surface is conditioned with micro-abrasive materials that allow it to function very well and give your blade a hair-popping sharpness.

The sharpener has 20-degree angle guides for each level of sharpening, and they help ensure an accurate draw across the surface every time you use it.



It is not as light as some of the other models available, but that’s to be expected since it packs so many extra features.

It gets dirty easily, and it doesn’t come with a case that could solve this issue.

Buy from for ($29.95)




3. Fiskars 04570000900 Axe and Knife Sharpener 


If you’re looking for a simple solution for all your tool sharpening needs, the innovative design of this option might be what you need. You’ll no longer have to worry about keeping the tool at a certain angle since this sharpener comes with a universal slot with ceramic wheels that sharpen both sides of the blades at the same time.

It is great not just for axes but also for knives, and this will allow this unit to become an indispensable tool for your household. It comes with a safety guard to protect your hands and fingers while sharpening so that even if by any chance the knife or axe slides out of the slot, the blade will be blocked from reaching your hand.

Furthermore, the tool also comes fitted with non-slip pads on the bottom that help provide increased stability during use so that it can stay in place even when applying a lot of force.



It boasts a simple, foolproof design that makes sharpening knives and axes faster and safer even for novices who might find the process too daunting with other sharpeners.

The frame of the tool is constructed from reinforced fiberglass composite material that provides the durability and strength needed for the unit to handle heavy use.

Since the ceramic roller is designed to sharpen every tool at a very precise 30-degree angle, there’s no longer any need for the user to guess the ideal sharpening angle.

It is not only easy to use, but it also saves you time and effort since this model sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time.



The slot is narrow, which means that if you plan to sharpen massive axes with it, you might find that the blade can’t fit.

Some models can arrive with the ceramic wheel uneven, which makes sharpening difficult.

Buy from




4. Nicholson Crescent 8″ Double/Single Cut Axe File 


This file provides a basic yet effective way of sharpening not just axes but also a wide variety of different gardening tools. It boasts a rectangular shape that has a large surface area, which means that it can sharpen large axes effortlessly, and it allows you to complete your filling work faster.

This tool is constructed of sturdy silicon carbide, and it offers two sharpening surfaces. One side features a double-cut, which is ideal for rough filling, while the single-cut on the opposite side is perfect for finishing and polishing edges. It is easy to use, and the comfortable handle provides a secure grip on the file that will help you avoid accidents.

What’s more, the file is also easy to use in restricted confines without having to worry that it will damage the objects it comes in path with. That’s because it is fitted with two safe edges that don’t have teeth cut in them. It is an affordable and no-nonsense tool sharpener that can get the job done.



You can use the file without having to use or buy honing oil since the manufacturer recommends instead for the stone to be cooled in water for about 5-10 minutes before use.

The two sides have two levels of grit, one is double-cut, and it can be used to bring even badly damaged tools to their original shape while the single-cut is ideal for polishing and smoothing edges.

It is a versatile file that can be used to sharpen not just axes but anything that has a blade, including hatches, knives, scissors, or garden tools.

It measures 8 inches exclusive of the handle, and this allows it to sharpen very large blades with ease.



It is not very durable since the teeth of the file can break easily if you’re the kind of user that uses the sharpener intensively.

It does leave marks behind, so don’t use it on blades you don’t want to risk scratching.

Buy from for ($19.91)




5. Smith’s 50582 Axe & Machete Sharpener 


This is yet another model that caters more to buyers who are in the market for an easy-to-use sharpener since it does most of the work on its own. It comes with an oversized handle that will keep your hands and fingers far away from the blades so that the risk of injury can be kept at a minimum.

It is fitted with two coarse carbide blades that will sharpen both sides of your axe at the same time as you draw the tool across the sharpener. This option can also be used to sharpen dull hatchets or machetes with only a few easy pulls so that you can complete most sharpening jobs in a matter of minutes.

Another nifty addition to this product is the inclusion of a wire bristle brush that is stored conveniently inside the handle. The brush is meant to be used to keep the sharpener in working condition.



The carbide blades used to sharpen your tools can be replaced, and this detail helps increase the overall life expectancy and value of the product.

It comes with an oversized handle that will keep your hands far away from the sharp blade of the axe, and it is spacious enough to allow for comfortable use even with gloves.

The carbide blades will sharpen both edges of your axe at the same time so that you can save time and effort.

The foolproof design allows anyone to use this option efficiently since the sharpener maintains the ideal sharpening angle on its own, without requiring user adjustments.



It leaves plenty of burrs behind that you might not mind when sharpening cheap tools, but that you may not appreciate if you use it on your favorite axe.

It gets blades sharp, but it doesn’t give the finished edge that other more expensive units can achieve.

Buy from for ($10.54)




6. SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Multi-Sharpener 


If you’re looking for a sharpener to use with all your cutting and chopping tools, then it is worth taking a moment to look at what this impressive option offers. It comes with three sharpening slots that can be changed to suit the needs of every tool. The unit can be used to sharpen and hone both single and double-beveled blades.

The three different slots deliver the optimal sharpening angle to fulfill the best sharpening performance for each type of blade. Once you’ve sharpened a tool, you can use the other side of the product to hone, polish, and remove burrs to get your axe, knife, or any other tool looking and performing as good as new.

All the sharpening abrasive materials are very durable since the manufacturer has put them through thousands of field use tests to make sure that they have what it takes to handle consistent home use for years to come.



It comes fitted with an oversized handle that allows the unit to be used with gloves, and when used without gloves, the rubber over-molded handle and base will provide the security and grip required for safe operation.

It is one of the most versatile sharpeners available on the market since it comes with multiple sharpening slots with preset optimal sharpening angles for all your cutting and chopping tools.

The large safety hand guard measures 1-3/8 inches in width so that it can protect your hands from getting hit by the blade.

It is easy to use, and the manufacturer includes directions on how to sharpen each tool type, from axes and knives to scissors and pruners.



When used to sharpen scissors, the unit can’t reach the heel of the scissor blade if the tool cannot open to more than 75 degrees.

While the instructions are useful, they’re written in a very fine print, and this makes them difficult to read.

Buy from for ($19.99)




7. Work Sharp Handheld Pivot Pro Sharpener 


This option provides excellent value for the money since it is well-built, and it can easily and quickly restore sharpness to axes, knives, and a wide range of other cutting and chopping tools. The versatile design is achieved by using multiple sharpening surfaces, namely a convex-carbide, a ceramic hone, and a diamond plate on the bottom of the unit.

The convex carbide is designed to create a durable convex cutting edge on all knives and steel blades. The ceramic hone is a fine grit that is used to bring knives to their factory-level sharpness with just a few passes. The diamond plate is perfect for sharpening axes as well as any other type of edge tool.

That’s not all since this nifty model also comes with a removable scissor sharpener that’s stored inside the handle. This is a nice extra accessory to have, and it can be used to sharpen scissors and shears.



The innovative design of this model allows the abrasive grits to follow the curve of the blade when sharpening, which means that you won’t have to worry about maintaining the proper angle.

The sharpener can maintain a consistent edge along the entire length of the blade with fewer passes so that you can sharpen all your tools more quickly and efficiently.

It comes with a removable scissor sharpener that is conveniently stowed in the handle so that you can always have it available without it getting in the way.

It offers a lot of value for your money since, for a low price, you get multiple sharpening slots for all your tools, all in a compact body.



The scissor sharpener sometimes gets stuck inside the handle, and removing it can prove very difficult and time-consuming.

The instructions are not easy to understand since the way that they’re worded can confuse inexperienced buyers.

Buy from for ($9.95)




8. Sharpal 112N 3-In-1 Tool Sharpener 


This option comes fitted with three sharpening slots that you can use to sharpen your axe, knife, scissors, and other tools you may have around the house. It is easy to identify which slot to use for each of your tools since there’s a symbol above each slot that makes it clear where each tool goes. It is now easier to remember where to sharpen your axe, knife, or scissors.

The handle is constructed from rubber, which helps deliver superior comfort and grip to the naked hand. However, you can also use it with gloves for extra protection since the handle is oversized and big enough to allow for easy and comfortable use with gloves.

That’s not all, since the unit also comes equipped with a large safety handguard that will prevent the blade of the tool you’re sharpening from hurting your hands or fingers. It is also compact, lightweight, and easy to store and transport.



It boasts a 3-in-1 design with three sharpening slots that come with preset optimal sharpening angles so that you can put a quick edge to your axes, knives, and scissors.

To ensure optimal durability and reliability, the manufacturer has put the sharpening blades through extensive tests to prove that they can handle heavy long-term use.

It is a great purchase for garden, workshop, and even outdoor applications since its compact and lightweight design allows for effortless transportation.

The rubber over-molded handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, and it is large enough to allow easy use even with hefty gloves.



It is a good option for giving a sharp enough edge to any blade, but don’t expect to get your axe or knife sharp enough to cut through paper.

It doesn’t come with a comprehensive instruction sheet, just pictures that are not very clear, especially for first-time users.

Buy from for ($14.75)




9. Sharp Pebble Dual Grit Multipurpose Sharpener 


This is a versatile pebble sharpener that can be used to sharpen not just your axe blades but also your machetes, hatchets, knives, shovels, and other chopping tools. It is very convenient to use since its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip, and it allows for a safe and quick sharpening experience.

The multipurpose sharpener pebble has two sides that, in combination, will help sharpen edges faster. The black coarse grit is used for quick cutting and shaping while the fine green grit is very useful for restoring slightly dulled cutting edges and improving the finish left by the coarse black grit.

The pebble material is sourced from trusted sources to provide the user with a product that can offer superior performance and longevity. The seller takes this very seriously, and if the unit suffers or arrives with defects in workmanship and materials, it will repair or replace the stone free of charge and with no questions asked.



The pebble only needs water for lubrication, which means that you won’t have to invest more money into expensive oils that can be messy and hard to use.

Since this is a multipurpose sharpener, buyers will get more value out of it since it can be used not only for axes but for all the tools that homeowners, woodworkers, and campers use.

Using the sharpener is safe, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort since it boasts an ergonomic design that is easy for hands of all sizes to grip and use comfortably.

It comes with a free magnetic bamboo box that can be used to store the stone safely, and it can also serve as a gift box if you plan to buy this product for friends or family.



Make sure to dry the stone before storing it in the bamboo box since otherwise, mold can grow on it.

The pebble is a bit soft, which means that if you sharpen frequently, it will wear out quickly.

Buy from for ($30.99)




10. Sharpal 181N Dual-Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone 


If you’re looking for a fast method to sharpen your axe, this model is made from industrial monocrystalline diamonds that have the advantage of not requiring lubrication so that you can use them without messy oil or water. The diamonds are electroplated on a sturdy stainless steel base that is fitted with a comfortable paracord wrapped handle.

Compared to standard water and oil stones, this professional tool can sharpen your axe up to 5 times faster. It has a dual grit construction, with a coarse side for quick sharpening of damaged or dull blades and an extra-fine side for honing.

The diamond stone is multifunctional, and it can sharpen and hone all hard materials, including axes, knives, hatches, machetes, and any other cutting tools you can think of. This model will also deliver years of reliable service since as the diamond surface wears down, more diamond grits will get exposed, and this will help you get sharper cuts.



It uses Dia-Uniform technology that’s exclusive to Sharpal, and it helps ensure better consistency and uniformity for quicker and easier sharpening.

There’s no need to use messy oil or water since the diamond stone can sharpen blades dry by making small circles down the edge of the axe or by using alternating strokes.

It is a versatile sharpening stone that can be used on camp and garden tools, knives with straight edges, fish hooks, and other pointed and edged tools.

Once you are done using the sharpening stone, you can protect the diamond surface using the included leather sheath that serves a dual purpose since it can also be used as a leather strop.



During the first use, the surface can appear especially rough, but there is a break-in period after which the roughness will disappear.

It is not a good choice for novices since you need sharpening skills to use it well.

Buy from for ($29.99)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


With so many different models available on the market, finding a good axe sharpening stone can take a lot of time since while all of them will sharpen your axe, only a few will do it quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for the best axe sharpeners, you should take a look at our guide below where you can find more about the key factors one ought to keep in mind when prospecting the market for this type of product.

Types of axe sharpeners

There are four main types of sharpening stones available on the market, namely water stones, oil stones, diamond stones, and honing stones. The most affordable axe sharpeners available on the market are the water or oil stones. These are rectangular or circular stones that use oil or water to activate the sharpening surface.

Water stones need to be kept lubricated using water. Before you use them, you’ll need to submerge the axe blade sharpener in water until air bubbles stop appearing. An oil axe sharpening puck will require you to purchase honing oil. The benefit of this type of axe blade sharpener is that it will sharpen and polish the edge of your axe at the same time.

Diamond stones are also known as dry stones since they can be used dry, and they don’t require oil or water. They are the longest-lasting, hardest, but also most expensive type. A diamond axe and machete sharpener is perfect for outdoor use when you don’t have access to oil or water, or when you are pressed for time.

Lastly, while a honing stone is not necessarily a sharpener, nowadays, this accessory can be found even on very cheap axe sharpeners. The honing rod is usually coated in a ceramic finish, and it is a useful addition to have on a multi-purpose knife and axe sharpener. The honing rod is used to straighten a bent blade without chipping away at the metal.


Ease of use

If you’re looking to simplify the sharpening process, you can consider purchasing a handheld product, such as the Fiskars axe sharpener. This tool is perfect for novices since you won’t have to worry about maintaining the perfect blade angle when sharpening your axe or spending hours learning intricate axe sharpening techniques.

Depending on how the sharpener is designed, you may have to draw it down the length of the blade while the axe is held on a table or countertop. Other models are designed to draw the axe directly through the slots while the sharpener is stationary on a flat surface. Both techniques are very easy to master.

However, when you sharpen an axe with a handheld sharpener, it can be more difficult to achieve the same sharp edge you get when you sharpen axe with stone, especially if you pick a budget option. There are also many terrible handheld sharpening tools on the market, so make sure to read an independent axe sharpener review before purchasing, if you can.


Most of the axe sharpeners on the market, regardless of the type, come in various levels of grit. Sharpening an axe should be done with the right grit level to ensure the best results. A coarse grit should be used on blades that are damaged and that have chips or nicks.

Medium grit is used to sharpen very dull axes that aren’t yet damaged. Lastly, a fine grit axe sharpening file will work similarly to a honing rod, and it is used to refine the blade’s edge.



When prospecting the market for a new axe sharpening tool, whether you’re interested in a Fiskar axe sharpener or another model from a different brand, you’ll need to take into account the size of your axe as well. A small sharpener may be convenient, but if you plan to use it on larger tools, you’ll find that it will be more trouble than it is worth.

A larger sharpener is more versatile since it can be used on all types of axes, both small and large. The only problem is the price since larger models will inherently be more expensive, which can be a problem if you’re in the market for a cheap axe sharpener.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Should an AXE be razor sharp?

Yes, the axe should be kept razor sharp since the sharper that your woodworking tool is, the more efficient and enjoyable your work will become. A new axe can require anywhere from an hour to even half of the day of hand sharpening to get the blade into proper shape.

In fact, a traditional method that is used by woodworkers to test the sharpness of an axe is to use the blade to dry shave the hair on the back of their hand carefully. A safer method that is just as effective is to put the fingernail against the sharpened edge. If the edge bites into the fingernail instead of sliding down it, it means that it is sharp enough.

When sharpening an axe, it is important to take safety measures since you’re working with a blade that could cut into your skin with a wrong move. As such, safety gloves are a must.

Q: What is the best angle to sharpen an AXE?

If you plan to sharpen axe with file or stone, the ideal angle is about 25 degrees and slightly convex. Experienced woodworkers can judge the ideal angle using just their eyes, but if you are a beginner, make sure to invest in a quality axe sharpening gauge since this is a very valuable accessory to have.

You should also make sure to read the user manual of your sharpener since some products may come with an axe sharpening guide that can contain useful information, including the exact angle that you should use.

For buyers who want a simpler method to sharpen the axe, there are also handheld models available to buy. These tools come with grooves that are optimized for axes so that all you’ll need to do is run the blade through the slot and roll it a few times until the optimal sharpness level for cutting is restored.


Q: Do you need lubricant to sharpen an AXE?

Yes, most of the axe sharpeners available on the market will require lubrication, some need water while others will need oil. A water stone only needs to be submerged in water, and it has the advantage of being cleaner since you won’t have to worry about messy oil.

Oil stones, though messy, have the benefit of sharpening and polishing the edge of your axe’s blade at the same time. The protective oil layer that is left behind can be used to keep moisture away and ward off the rust that would eventually follow.

Wondering how to sharpen an axe without lubrication? If that’s what you want, then you will need to purchase a diamond stone since this type of sharpener requires neither oil nor water. However, this material is the most expensive out of the three, which means that it may not be a good option if you’re looking for an affordable axe sharpener.