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10 Best 10 Inch Miter Saws – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 02.12.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best 10 Inch Miter Saw + Reviews


What’s the best 10 inch miter saw that is worth your money? A product like the Metabo HPT C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw is one that you should pay attention to, as it comes with multiple advantages that are probably going to make you happy you chose this one – at least, this is our top recommendation. This product has a cool miter angle range which gives it much better flexibility, especially when compared to other similar devices on the market. Letting you adjust the bevel cuts to the left with ease is another plus, but we also have to mention the fact that the motor has a 15-Amp capacity, thus being able to work with harder wood. In case you can’t find this model available, our other top choice would be the Metabo HPT Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw with Laser which comes with many similar features that will be of great help to you.



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10 Best 10 Inch Miter Saws (Updated Reviews) in 2020



A miter saw is an important part of any workshop, which is why companies have made available hundreds of models from which you can choose. But which one is the best for you? We took a look at some of the most promising models on the market and analyzed them for you.



1. Metabo HPT C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw


This product is a 10 inch compound miter saw. It has several advantages, one of them being the fact that it’s much cheaper and also easier to use, compared to the models that have 12 inches. This is true for all models that come with a 10-inch saw. The design is super modern and cool, ideal for impressing you and others.

Thanks to the design, if you are planning on starting a YouTube channel about woodworking, this model is one that you could use, as it gives you a bit of edge, compared to others that are less impressive visually. This is indeed a product that screams that it is from the XXIst century, so many people will prefer it to other, more basic models out there.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that come with this device, because there’s more to it than the design.



This product has a miter angle range which gives it much better flexibility when using it on wood.

Tough pieces of wood won’t be a problem for you, as you will be able to cut through them as well since the model has a motor of 15 Amp.

Moving the bevel cuts to the left, for your work to be easier, is also another plus that this device has.

As we mentioned, the design of this device is top-notch and it’s hard to find models that have better looks, so it will have an edge when it comes to that.



For beginners, the fact that this product doesn’t come with full instructions and the ones that you do sometimes point to pieces that aren’t part of the device represents a big con in this case.

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2. Metabo HPT Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw with Laser


Having accuracy while working with pieces of wood is really important, as that makes the difference between a piece of wood well cut and one that you mess up. As a result of people complaining they couldn’t do the things they wanted to properly, Metabo HPT came up with this model that has a laser mark, a feature meant to help you.

Because you will be using a miter saw especially as a beginner, this laser mark is going to be of great help when you learn how much to saw and where to do this action. You won’t need to make as many eye measurements thanks to the inclusion of the laser marker and that is simply going to make your entire job much easier, we can say.

The design combines classic and modern elements for those who like their things on the classic side, but still want modern parts.



The laser marker is there to help you increase the accuracy of your work and you will surely notice the change when using it.

For those moments in which you have to deal with some tough pieces of wood, the 15 Amp motor is of great help, as it will power through them.

Thanks to its flexibility, this device is much easier to use – this comes from a 0 to 52 degree miter angle range that you can move both to the left and to the right.

Also, for more precise cuts, this model has a 0 to 45 degree bevel angle range which you can adjust to the left as the bevel stops are also adjustable.



Working with wood is going to produce a lot of dust which is why you need a device that can handle it all and gather it in one place – and this is something this device doesn’t do, which is not a problem if you work outside, but it becomes one if you work inside.

Buy from for ($117.99)




3. DEWALT DW717 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw


If you are looking for a miter saw that simply looks like it means business, you’ve just found it. This model manages to look both classic and modern, at the same time, somehow effortlessly. Maybe it’s the fact that it uses the classic yellow and black colors that are so common in this line of work and still managed to make them work without looking dated. 

The device is big enough that you can deal with bigger pieces of wood and you can see the device in action which is going to help you understand how everything works so much better. Handling requires probably a bit of effort from some people, as it is a big device, but once you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t probably have to worry about that aspect anymore.

So what works for this device and what works against it? Well, let’s check it out.



Having accuracy when you work with wood is so important it can’t even be stressed out in words, which is why this model with an improved cutting accuracy simply works.

The miter detent plate can be easily adjusted which means you can do your work easier when it comes to this aspect.

The device has a 45 degree bevel cut capacity for dimensional lumber, which, again, is a big pro when it comes to choosing it.

It also has a unique bevel detent system that includes seven positive stops thus making the cuts more accurate and deeper.



In this model, the indicator for the bevel angle is placed behind the blade. This makes it much harder to check it out when you are working, as you are risking to get in touch with the blade. If that indicator was placed more visibly, things would have worked better when it comes to using this device.

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4. Makita LS1040 10″ Compound Miter Saw


A model that looks good and that’s also really easy to use is always going to come in handy, which is why you are probably going to like this device. Not only does it look good and it’s going to do its job just fine, but it is also easy to use, also thanks to the design, which makes things look more intuitive than in some other cases.

Of course, working with wood, you are going to need some important features, so you can take on any piece of wood that you plan to work on, which is why this device comes with a 15 Amp motor, that gives you the ability to do just that, meaning the struggles of less powerful motors are not going to be known by you.

So what exactly makes this device one you could try and does it have any setbacks that come with it?



As mentioned above, the device has a 15 Amp motor, which helps you power through even those pieces of wood that are harder to work with.

The miter cuts between 0 and 45 degrees to the left and 0 and 52 degrees to the right which is something that gives you better flexibility while you work.

The device has 9 positive miter stops settings that include: 15, 22.5, 30, 45, left or right, and 0, thus you have a greater number of choices available to you.

It’s very easy to move the device from one place to another, since it has a weight of only 27.3 lbs.



There are cases in which you can notice some play when you move the saw in a 45 degree notch, but you can move it side to side with no hard work being necessary. Trying to adjust the miter to 45 degrees on both the left and the right is harder, but not impossible.

Buy from for ($275.12)




5. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw


Bosch is a German company that was founded in 1886 – plenty of time for it to grow and become one of the best-known brands in the world. People usually turn to such well-known brands if they want to be sure of the quality they will get from the product they are buying, which is why this model is so popular in the first place.

Secondly, we have the fact that German companies have a reputation for delivering on their promise, so if the instructions say that this product is good for something, unless you got by off-chance a lemon, it’s highly likely that said product is really going to be able to do what the manufacturer promised it can do.

So, it looks like this model is going to have plenty of pros, but does it also have some cons that may make you think twice about buying it?



Because accuracy is so important, this device comes with an exclusive feature, the Axial-Glide System, which lets you do wider cross-cuts and also contributes to having a superior alignment.

Cleaning after working with wood is a complete pain, which is why this device has a dust collector chute and even a vacuum adapter which are going to help you clean faster.

As it has a compact design, the product is not going to take up much space, making it easy to use in a crowded space.

You need to be comfortable while working which is why this device has a large and form-fitting ergonomic handle that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.



Yes, even a product from such a famous company can have cons, and, in this case, it’s the fact that plastic was used for some of the parts of the device – important parts even, which makes breaking it more likely.

Buy from for ($519)




6. Delta S26-263L Shopmaster Slide Miter Saw w/Laser


The design of this device is not one of the greatest on the market as it uses metallic and grey shades, which gives it a less-friendly vibe, like you are working in a laboratory or cutting up meat. Of course, that may not mean much to some people, as you could be more interested in the actual performance of the device and less in the design.

Naturally, the device is going to have several features that will surely make you interested in it, such as the fact that it’s part of the lightweight category, making it easy to move from one place to another. This means you can easily carry it not only around your workplace but to a different workplace if you don’t do your job in just one place.

Let’s see some of the pros and some of the cons that this device has so you can be sure if you want to buy it or not.



Like we mentioned above, the fact that it’s a lightweight device, lets you carry it around with ease whenever you need to and wherever you have to.

The device comes with table extensions that are going to be of great help when it comes to supporting long pieces of wood.

The single lock will hold it in one place safely even when you remove or loosen the blade nut.

On top of this, the device has a laser that the company worked on, making it better, plus it comes with a switch that lets it go on and off when needed.



The blade that comes with this device seems to be made of something of lesser quality, compared to what you can find on the market, which means you would probably better off replacing it when you get it. Still, check it out before doing any changes, as it could be just a rare instance of this happening.

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7. Delta S26-262L Shop Master Miter Saw with Laser


Although similar to the previous model, this device has a much cooler vibe, probably due to the fact that more shades of silver are used thus, it doesn’t look like it belongs anywhere else except for your area in which you work. The saw is covered, as it should, so you won’t risk any accidents happening with this device.

Another point worthy of being mentioned is the fact that the device is lightweight. As a result, you can move it around your workplace as you need to, but you can also take it with you in case that you need to work it in different places, not just in your workshop, which gives it an advantage over the heavier models available on the market.

So, overall, which are the pros and the cons that this device has, and how can that influence your decision regarding buying one for your work or hobby?



Like we mentioned already, this is a lightweight product that enables you to take it anywhere you need it without having to struggle to carry it.

A really important aspect is the fact that this device lets you work with basically any type of miter saw stands, so that’s something that you should keep in mind.

Another cool feature is the fact that the spindle lock actually works in holding the spindle in one place as the blade nut is loosened or removed.

It can bevel to the left from 0 degrees all the way to 47 degrees so you can do your work better.



The laser is supposed to help you as a beginner when you deal with a miter saw, but this one, in some cases, seems to have a problem with the laser being spot on which basically defeats the whole purpose of actually having a laser mark in the first place.

Buy from for ($132.79)




8. TACKLIFE EMS01A 10-Inch Miter Saw


Now here is a model that really looks like it means business. Effortlessly cool and mean, you just know this bad boy is going to give you the results you want – or, at least, it looks like it might do that easily. This makes it a sort-of fan favorite for those who like woodworking, even if the design can be a bit scary and overwhelming for many beginners.

This product wants to make sure you know it’s capable of many things and, indeed, it does have many features, probably more than the average miter saw. Putting it side by side with other miter saws makes it look like a non-fair competition. But, even if the design can say a lot about a product, it’s the actual use that interests you.

So, taking a look at the features of this device, what can we tell about it? Does it live up to the design?



The machine may look big and scary, but, deep down it’s a big softie as it has a really smooth start that lets it reach the maximum speed in only 2 seconds.

This, as a result, comes with other benefits, like the fact that it avoids vibration and any kind of motor damage when you start it so it makes accidents less likely to happen.

You just have to press a switch and you can pick one of the two speeds it has (3200 RPM or 4500 RPM) which makes cutting much more precise.

These two high speeds also let you use the device not only for wood (on high speed), but also for metal (on low speed).



Even if the device is capable of reaching those speeds, the actual start of the saw can be a bit frustrating, especially if you are a contractor, as it simply registers as a waste of time. 

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9. DEWALT DWS713 Miter Saw Single Bevel


Continuing with products that have a top-notch design we arrive at this device, that could easily be a part of the “Transformers” franchise. If some of the other models presented here are clearly for beginners, this one just looks like it was built for a professional, having a really cool and interesting design.

On top of that, the product uses yellow and grey, which seems like an update of the classic black and yellow of other devices in this area. On top of the cool design, the machinery also has some cool features that you are surely going to like, as they are made to work as well as possible in the hands of a professional.

So what about the features? Do they also make it stand out or is it just a design-thing with this device? Read below for some of the pros and cons that come with using this machinery.



Not wanting to overdo it, but we must mention the design again: it’s slick, cool, and modern, so it’s a device that is sure going to get a lot of attention.

The miter detent plate is made out of stainless steel and has 14 positive stops, so that’s a sort of guarantee of the quality that this product brings to you and your work.

For you to get the right angle on the piece of wood you are working on, you can bevel it to a maximum of 48 degrees to the left and to 3 degrees to the right.

The Tall sliding fence supports 4 – 1/4 inches.



By now, having a laser mark is pretty standard for many devices, as you saw in this guideline, which is why it’s surprising this model doesn’t come with it as well. This would have been especially important for beginners so now it’s up to you.

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10. WEN MM1011 10″ Miter Saw with Laser


This device simply looks like it knows why it was built and it is going to do what it is meant to do. The decision of the manufacturers to use black, orange and silver adds to that idea as this combination of colors simply works in its favor and makes it look like you are going to rely on it for all of your work.

Of course, as we mentioned for all of the other models that look really cool, you must be extra careful that this device can do what you want it to do, as it is really easy to fall in love with an awesome design and forget about the shortcoming that such a device may have. That, of course, begs the question: does it have any shortcomings?

We took a look at what makes this machine work and what works against it; you’d be surprised by our findings.



A powerful motor is a must-have in this line of work and you needn’t worry about this machine as it has a 15 Amp motor that can cut boards up to 12 in wide and 3-½ in thick.

You can miter it up to 45 degrees in any direction and it has 9 miter stops or you can bevel it to 45 degrees to the left.

The device has a laser guide, class II, that is going to cast a light on your line of cut, which makes things much easier for any user of this device.

On top of everything else, this device has a 7-1/2-inch Crown molding nested capacity, a thing that, again, should make things easier for you when you are working on a project.



The manufacturers have used plastic for some parts of it, which makes it a riskier affair in some cases, although it shouldn’t really be a dealbreaker.

Buy from for ($193.75)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Miter saws are some of the most sought after tools when it comes to DIYers, plus, not to mention, a tool that simply can’t be replaced when we are talking about a workshop that claims to work properly. The best 10 inch miter saws can also be the most affordable 10 inch miter saws if you just know where to look for and for what.

The basics

Any 10 Inch Miter Saws review is going to tell you how such a device was built to help you cut crown molding, frames for the doors or casings for the windows much faster than other options out there, and without the complications that come with a more complex device. A miter saw 10 inch is probably what you need for those jobs.

The best miter saw also has the ability to make straight cuts for all sorts of common DIY projects that are part of the woodworking line of activities. Still, when you want to buy such a device, you will have plenty of questions, like can a 10 inch miter saw cut a 4×4 or thinking about a 10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw. So how can you know what you should pick?

Alongside all of the options you have, in order to help you, we have prepared for you this short guide that should point you to the right direction when you have to choose between a DeWalt 10 inch miter saw and a Makita 10 inch miter saw since, at the moment, you can’t really tell them apart too much and there are enough different things between these devices.

What are the similarities and differences?

If you are looking for things in common among these devices, the most important is the presence of a saw blade that has the ability to pivot on an axis thus making various cuts in several angles. But what’s really important, as any 10 inch miter saws reviews are going to tell you, is paying attention to the differences between these devices.

If you don’t know what to choose between a Bosch miter saw 10 inch and a Delta miter saw 10 inch, what are you going to do? Both brands are famous and both devices look like they could handle your tasks. And here is where you need to ask yourself: what are your tasks? Following that, you’ll be able to tell if a Delta 10 inch miter saw is what you are looking for.

As you are reading this guide, you are probably a beginner, which is why we recommend a 10 inch sliding compound miter saw, as the 12 inch ones are considered to be made for professionals. A 10 inch sliding miter saw is much more affordable and smaller, thus more fitting for working from home.

Just about any 10 inch compound miter saw is going to have a 15 Amp motor power which is enough for you to be able to cut through hardwood and, sometimes, even metal. This is why a device like the DeWalt miter saw 10 inch is not only an affordable 10 inch miter saw, but one on which you can rely on.

You may be attracted to miter saws, but you must keep in mind that a cheap 10 inch miter saw is only as good as its components so it’s not really the price that matters, but if the materials are strong enough and if the blade can cut – not to mention if it is safe using the device you chose.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What can a 10 inch miter saw cut?

A 10 inch miter saw is the go-to device for many people who just love DIYs or are into woodworking, in general, either as a hobby or as part of their job (e.g., contractor). Such a device can help you cut not just softwood, but also hardwood, and, in some cases, even steel, although that may depend on the device that you use.

In the case of a 10 inch miter saw, you can execute crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and compound cuts, all of them very useful when you are a wood-enthusiast, as these cuts are going to help you achieve the finished product with much ease and not that much of an effort, to be honest, as 10 inch miter saws are usually used by beginners in woodworking.

These devices are recommended for newbies as they are cheaper and easier to handle, compared to a 12 inch miter saw.

Q: What are the different types of miter saws?

There are different ways in which you can divide miter saws, one of them being how they actually work. In this case, we are going to have four types: the sliding one, the compound one, the compound sliding one, and the dual compound sliding one. It’s not as difficult as you initially thought, right?

A sliding miter saw is perfect if you want to cut the material deeper (like 2 x 12 lumber), but it’s not great if you are looking for something portable. The compound miter saw is good for people who want to cut mostly wood, and not metal – this is also the most common type out there. The compound sliding miter saw combines the features of the two mentioned above.

The last one, the dual compound sliding one is ideal if you wish to bevel-cut crown and base flat in two directions, but this is not a very economical option.


Q: Is a saw miter better than a table saw?

The answer to this depends on why you need to use it. A table saw is a general-purpose cutting tool aka it can do more types of cuts, including crosscuts and long rip-cuts which are harder to make with a miter saw. On the downside, a table saw is not the most precise device out there, which is why it’s usually used by people with experience.

A miter saw, on the other hand, is seen as a specialty power saw which was created with the point of making the crosscuts as accurate as possible. While it doesn’t do as many things as a table saw, the things that it does manage to do are going to look basically perfect, since it’s a device built for accuracy.

In conclusion, you can’t really say one is better than the other, as they are used by different groups of people for different purposes, so just pick the one that fits your needs as long as it’s one of the cheap 10 inch miter saws.